Are there any other costs?

Monthly – Pool squad ($8 per swim)

Annual – club membership fee as part of Triathlon Queensland membership

Do you cater for all distances?

Yes. Our athletes train for and race all distances. From sprint, olympic, half Ironman and full Ironman. We have a very solid track record with athlete results and have coached squad members from local up to World Champs and Kona Ironman.

Do you cater for beginners?

Yes.  We take on a limited number of beginners at any one time.  You can find all the details and benefits on our Beginners page.

Can I do a mix of online and some group sessions?  

Yes. We cater for everyone’s circumstances with our personalised programs. This is quite a good way for people with busy schedules and other commitments.  We also offer a full online coaching option.  See our Timetable & Locations and Training Fees pages.

How often can I contact the coach?

As often as you need to (as long as you are not being a pest).

Are there any social activities?

While we train and race hard when we need to, there is also a friendly social element to our squad. There is always a group to have a coffee with post training and we organise a few post race and training block celebrations during the year. 

Any other questions? 

Please email our coach Jarrad Adams – swiftmultisport@gmail.com