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Online triathlon coaching. Brisbane and Yamba squad training groups. We excel at competition preparation and getting the best out of you. Across the globe and locally, our athletes improve their triathlon performance for Kona qualification, Ironman, Half Ironman, Olympic and Sprint distances with our proven plans, facilities, partners and techniques.

Swift Multisport coaches train you to race fast. We use the latest software and training platforms including Power Analysis, Hypoxi Altitude Equipment and the latest recovery tools. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of getting the very best out of you in the precious time you have. Working closely with triathletes is what we do best, we pride ourselves on it.

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Elite Coaching & Squads


Weekly online programs, management, analysis and support from expert coaches. We get the best out of you. Find out about our packages.


Athlete Profiles

Profiling members of our diverse team and their unique collection of high end, pimped up, Time Trial bikes.


Latest methods

Swift Multisport deliver the latest techniques and analysis to your computer/tablet/phone. We also run squads in Brisbane and Yamba, Australia.


Focused Groups

We are triathletes who work hard, train smart, race fast and enjoy performing together. Athletes who reach for goals and strive for balanced work, sport and family lives. This is not easy to do with run, cycle and swim disciplines. That’s what we are experts at, managing a complete plan. Squads work closely with a coach at all North Brisbane and Yamba sessions, receiving expert advice and personal tracking. Our online athletes are also closely monitored and gain significant advantages, we use proven methods and technology, and communicate regularly. At clinics, camps and races we all come together, where our champion culture supports every member of the Swift Multisport team.

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If you’ve made it this far, you’re interested to find out more about triathlon coaching and training, or you’re already one of our triathletes checking themselves out in our online news and feeds! There’s always action at Swift Multisport, these media channels are updated regularly.


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