We find group training to be the best way to keep your motivation up and to learn from others. Our coach and squad are always there to help you get the most out of yourself and the time you spend training. We have a strong culture of racing that is balanced out by an encouraging team and a great social environment.

We train 7 days a week most months of the year. Mornings generally start at 5 am for a duration of approximately 1.5 hours during the week and longer on weekends

We cater for a variety of abilities via the flexible structure our sessions and the coaching program we set specifically for you. Regular one on one feedback at sessions with our coach also help improve your performance and skills.

Individual programs are monitored and are carefully accommodated in group sessions. The programs are delivered through Training Peaks weekly and provide you with the flexibility to receive and complete them:

  • at group training,
  • online remotely at your own times,
  • and a combination of group and your own remote sessions.

Another aspect of our coaching provides training and racing data analysis of your:

  • heart rate
  • power
  • pace

We encourage anyone who wants to pursue triathlon goals and train hard to contact us. We will arrange for you to come along to some of the sessions at no charge, to get a feel for what is offered.