Training Times and Sessions

The Swift Triathlon Club weekly training overview is below. The schedule changes between winter and summer. Sessions such as Time Trials, extra long rides and open water swims are inserted into the program throughout the season. During the race season once to twice a week we run off the bike in various locations around Paddington and Bardon as a group. Maps are in our Locations information.

  • Swim 5.30am – 7am, Stuartholme School Pool, Toowong.  1.5hrs
  • Ride Morning , XXXX Brewery, Paddington,  1.5hrs
  • Swim  6pm  – 7pm, Stuartholme School Pool, Toowong. 1hr
  • Run Morning, Efforts in various locations.  1hr – 1.5hrs
  • Ride/Run  Morning XXXX Brewery, Paddington. 1.5hrs
  • Swim  6pm – 7pm, Stuartholme School Pool, Toowong. 1hr
  • Ride 5.15am – 6.45am, Rosalie Village Shops, Paddington. 1.5hrs
  • Long Ride or TTs 5.30am, XXXX Brewery, Paddington. 3 – 4.5hrs