Dima Postnikov

Name Dima Postnikov
Age group Male 40 – 44
Favourite race Sydney ITU
Hardest race you’ve had to get too Nothing too hard yet!
Hardest race you’ve done First half ironman (Canberra 70.3) without much training.
Biggest rookie error Trying new gear on a race day
Best piece of racing or training equipment Wahoo kickr
How long in the sport 2 years
(Dima is another of our online training package athletes. Based in Sydney he trains with other Swift members and comes to group camps. A solid runner, he has come a long way with his swimming and riding under our program and is set for a great year ahead.)
Best thing about triathlon It’s a gear fest!
Best piece of advice your coach has given you Hold that wheel (training), more time on the bars!
Coffee of choice Bulletproof coffee
Bike Cervelo
Model S5
Groupset Ultegra
Bars Profile Design
Wheels Cosmic
Garmin Garmin 920XT
Powermeter Pioneer
Tricks Train consistently prior to the event.