David Fleming

Name Flemo aka David Fleming
Age group Male 40-44
Favourite race Yamba – first race ever and home turf.
Hardest race you’ve had to get too Mexico ITU world champs, 22hrs flying, 1hr taxi and 1hr ferry.
Hardest race you’ve done Tweed Enduro, wasn’t really ready and hadn’t had the Swift influence back then.
Biggest rookie error Not thinking “what would Jarrad think”.
Best piece of racing or training equipment Love the Garmin 920xt and my new HED wheels.
How long in the sport 4 years
(You won’t find a better team mate, full stop. Dave will tell you how it is without fear, and then help you fix it. He’s a big part of the reason for the rapid growth and fun at our Yamba squad.)
Best thing about triathlon Good family sport, traveling to great locations, good mates and personally challenging yourself physically and mentally.
Best piece of advice your coach has given you Follow the program and it will happen.
Coffee of choice  Latte
Bike Trek
Model Speed Concept 9
Groupset Shimano Ultegra Di2
Bars Bontrager
Wheels HED Jet Black 9 rear and 6 front
Garmin Garmin 920XT
Powermeter Stages
Tricks Making beer disappear