Worlds Prep and Winter Block

Last weekend we took an important break from our normal winter routine to punch out kilometers on inspiring open roads and beaches. The Swift Multisport winter camp was preparation for our athletes racing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba to be held in just under three weeks, and for our whole group to build base fitness and strength for the up coming race season.


It was a solid hit out, with a great mix of long fast rides on the quiet roads around Yamba and Maclean in Far Northern NSW. It was brilliant being able to form big safe bunches, that swap turns on quite roads. This was a great mental change when compared to the riding that is done by many who live within a close radius of cities and built up areas.


The difficulty with any camp or training group is being able to simulate racing by staying on the bars for a long period of time without the interruptions of traffic, intersections and poor roads, while trying to be safe at the same time. With over 20 plus athletes, as planned the camp location provided the space needed for focused race training.



The most important part of training weekends is for people to remain adaptable. It is a skill you need to get the best out of racing and to achieve your personal goals. As anyone with triathlon experience knows, there are a lot of things that happen out there that are not in the manual and that can’t be predicted. A simple flat tire can change training and race dynamics in 30 seconds. We concentrated on this flexibility over the weekend and rolled with the punches.

All up we covered 380 kms in three days on the bike at high average speeds. It was great to see some of the guys and girls reaching training peaks that they haven’t hit before. It was also reassuring to have the help of our strong experienced athletes who kept an eye on all riders and looked after the group.

It wasn’t just ride training, we threw in trail runs along some of the best coastline and beaches too. Even tired legs can find a reason to keep moving in these environments, although they didn’t feel like it, they could!

Swift Multisport have 9 members of our team racing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba. We did a test run on the course a few weeks ago, and this camp was perfectly timed to complete our big distances before they settle into TT bike and speed work leading into their key race for the year.



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