Yamba Tri Clinic Review

A great turn out for the 1st Swift Multisport Triathlon clinic over the weekend in Yamba.  With sessions for both seniors and juniors it was good timing with South West Rocks and Yamba Tri  just around the corner.

Was nice to have so many enthusiastic athletes wanting to gain those few extra tips, technique points and knowledge.

Even those who have been competing for a number of years benefit from the practice and group session. Those newer to the sport also got to learn not only from the material covered but from everyone who participated.

Eneviably there is never enough time to cover every single aspect of racing and training but there was a solid block on each discipline. Video analysis and drills for run plus the swim as well as delving into bike fit and position. Different training techniques and every triathletes favourite – equipment!

Was fantastic to have the juniors in the afternoon. The weather was warm but the kids made the most of it asking questions and getting stuck into the practicals. For a small place Yamba has a strong group of youngsters interested in the tri scene with a supportive group of parents and community. Always an exciting thing to see within the sport.

Thanks to everyone who came along and helped out organising. Good luck practicing the new skills and for the upcoming races!

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Swift Multisport

Triathlon coaching online and training squads in Brisbane and Yamba. Sprint to Ironman, we improve your performance. Our triathletes benefit from structured plans, expert coaches and team support at training, camps and races. We also deliver programs across Australia and overseas.

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