Sunshine Coast 70.3

The weekend kicked off the start of major Races for the 2015-16 season with a near perfect day for racing. The Swift Multisport crew were well represented with 11 athletes toeing the line and a very vocal and well represented supporter crew over the course (and at the bar for moral support post race).

This year we had a few long course 1st timers which made it interesting, and in the end really impressed over the distance, plus a few PBs by significant amounts. Others had solid days given the progression for this time of year and should see some great results when season hits full swing

With Sunshine coast being at a funny time of the year, straight out of winter for some, while other are prepping for Kona or on a roll from 70.3 worlds the racing is always interesting with such a mixed bag of fitness out on course. It seems that across the board the field is always quite quick

It has to be noted the amount of concern and talk after the race about what was going on out on the bike course, In 20 years I’ve never heard some much chat post race about how dangerous and sad it was out on the road. Crashes on the side of the straight roads seem to be as visible as the trees with bunches 4 wide and 10-15 deep.

This being said I think people out there aren’t trying to draft but just may not have the ability to race their own race when there are that many people put out on a road – that for a long part of is only single lane. It also creates a massive advantage on a flat course to the ok swimmers but not very strong bikers who can tag the back of the guys riding through which is building the big groups and clearly helping some ride at least 10mins quicker at less expenditure.

The rolling swim start now also becomes a big tactic depending on your strength but more so on your weaknesses. The slower you are the more advantage you get from starting at the front of the rolling start. The difficulty is that it causes so much havoc in the groups with to many different riding abilities. Things like pacing, leaving enough gap, awareness when passing  and overall general bike handling skills and the old ability and ambition getting in the way of each other. Making it very unfair but also dangerous. It will be interesting to see what happens when the world champs are there next year and if they change the bike course which is rumoured to may happen…

Good luck in the coming season and stay safe.

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