No shortage of events

With it getting harder and harder to find a spare weekend these days I don’t think you could complain if you’ve been lucky enough to check out some of the spots on the race calendar of late.

The last few months has seen Yamba training camp run and Won again. With  a few people trying to work off the extra Pud packed on over the break or peaking for the races in the back end of season. With a great turn out from all over the east coast for the 4 day camp we couldn’t of asked for better conditions with accommodation smack bang on the national park over looking  Angourie point, and some of the best and most untouched beaches in the country, it wasnt hard to keep motivated for the long days. With Riding swimming and running everyday with quiet roads and good temperatures and super clear water it made tired legs much easier. With a dozen of the Athletes signed up for either Ironman Melbourne or Port Macquarie it was great timing.DCIM113GOPRODCIM113GOPRODCIM113GOPRO

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Triathlon coaching online and training squads in Brisbane and Yamba. Sprint to Ironman, we improve your performance. Our triathletes benefit from structured plans, expert coaches and team support at training, camps and races. We also deliver programs across Australia and overseas.

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