The start of the Racing season is off and Running









The start off the season has kicked off and there has been alot on, with the first major race here in Oz kicking off at challenge Gold Coast, and was shortly followed by other local races Yamba triathlon and sunshine coast 70.3

We had a good contingent at all the races with 3 starter at challenge who all did very well despite the testing conditions and course disruptions etc due to weather leading up to and on race day,

Yamba triathlon was a good turn out and a great local race which is growing every year and with the shorter race format of olympic and sprint it was a good hit out for a few of the guys doing sunshine coast 70.3 and Kona aswell as a start to the 2014/15 year.

With the 70.3 held over the weekend there were some solid performances with 4 top 10s in respective age groups and quite a few Pbs despite a few hick ups out on course

Young sam douglas had a great race in the Chicago international triathlon recently posting 8th place pro against a steller feild and with Chicago still regarded as one of the biggest races in the States it was a great performance. he will line up in 70.3 penticton this weekend before heading home to do some domestique racing and also head back to university to finish his studies.

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